Assessment Criteria

Level 2 Selection Trials are the second stage of selection for both the Australian Open and Australian Open Series Ballkids Programs.

At these events, ballkids will be graded on 6 key criteria, these being;

  • Rolling flatness
  • Rolling accuracy
  • Roll speed
  • Court movement (e.g. speed)
  • Service technique (arm positioning)
  • Servicing the player (ball throw & accuracy)
  • General Knowledge Test (online test undertaken in the 24 hours prior to first trial commencing)


As a guide, the above criteria are assessed through the demonstration of the following skills;

  • Ability to roll a ball
  • Speed and agility fitness test (movement across the court)
  • Ability to collect/control multiple tennis balls on the run
  • Ability to service the ball to the player (ball toss/presenting the balls to the player)
  • Willingness to stay focused, comprehend instruction, improve personal skill level
  • Cooperation/teamwork/attitude/behaviour


AO Level 2 Trials - Additional Assessment Criteria - New for AO2019

For AO 2019, all applicants at the Level 2 Trials will be required to sit Tennis Knowledge & Scoring test as part of the assessment criteria. This is to determine the applicants understand of the game of tennis and the scoring structure of matches.

Trial Dates & Times

Australian Open

Sydney International

Hopman Cup
Hobart International
May 4 & 5
National Tennis Centre, Melbourne Park

Tennis World, Sydney Olympic Park

State Tennis Centre, Burswood
Domain Tennis Centre, Hobart
Various; please refer to Trial Registration page for individual session times
Session Length
3 Hours
2 Hours
2 Hours
Outcome Announcement
May 17


General Information

HOW LONG DO TRIALS LAST: Each Level 2 Selection Trial will run for approximately 2.5 hours.

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable sporting attire, non-marking tennis shoes

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle

EMERGENCY: In case of an emergency on the day, please ring 03 9914 4676.


  • Attendance is compulsory, and non-attendance will result in your application being withdrawn.
  • Absentees will not be offered an alternative trial session.
  • Trial times are final and cannot be changed.
  • Please be punctual, as your opportunity to participate will be jeopardised by late arrival.
  • Please advise of any medical conditions or injuries at the time of registration.


We have the utmost confidence in the validity and fairness of the selection process and would like to highlight that:

  • Tennis Australia employs a team of experienced staff who are responsible for the selection and training of all Ballkid volunteers.
  • Tennis Australia is regarded as having the most outstanding ballkids of all the Grand Slams, something we are extremely proud of and work very hard to maintain.
  • Each child is assessed by a minimum of two staff members.
  • Each child is graded on their suitability to perform both a net or baseline position.
  • It is a very competitive field - children are considered on their own merit and the outcome is dependent on the performance of each applicant during the selection trial.