• HOW LONG DO TRIALS LAST: Each Level 1 Trial will run for approximately 2 hours.

  • WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable sporting attire, non-marking tennis shoes

  • WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle



Assessment Criteria


  • Rolling flatness

  • Rolling accuracy

  • Roll speed

  • Court movement (e.g. speed)

  • Service technique (arm positioning)

  • Servicing the player (ball throw & accuracy)

  • General Knowledge Test (online test undertaken in the 24 hours prior to first trial commencing)


As a guide, the above criteria are assessed through the demonstration of the following skills;

  • Ability to roll a ball

  • Speed and agility around the court

  • Ability to collect/control multiple tennis balls on the run

  • Ability to service the ball to the player (ball toss/presenting the balls to the player)

  • Willingness to stay focused, comprehend instruction, improve personal skill level

  • Cooperation, teamwork, attitude, behaviour




  • Attendance is compulsory, and non-attendance will result in your application being withdrawn.

  • Absentees will not be offered an alternative trial session.

  • Trial times are final and cannot be changed.

  • Please be punctual, as your opportunity to participate will be jeopardised by late arrival.

  • Please advise of any medical conditions or injuries at the time of registration.

  • In the event of wet weather it will be down to the discretion of the Trial Facilitator and Tennis Australia Representative to determine if the trial will be cancelled; if this is the case, applicants will be contacted by Tennis Australia in order to arrange a make up session.


We have the utmost confidence in the validity and fairness of the selection process and would like to highlight that:


  • Tennis Australia employs a team of experienced staff who are responsible for the selection and training of all Ballkid volunteers.

  • Tennis Australia is regarded as having the most outstanding ballkids of all the Grand Slams, something we are extremely proud of and work very hard to maintain.

  • Each child is assessed by a minimum of two staff members.

  • Each child is graded on their suitability to perform both a net or baseline position.

  • It is a very competitive field - children are considered on their own merit and the outcome is dependent on the performance of each applicant during the selection trial.