The Ballkid Leadership Program was established to foster the development of leadership and interpersonal skills amongst our AO Ballkids.

Participation in the initiative will provide our Ballkids with the opportunity to:

  • • Become positive role models within the squad
  • • Develop leadership skills
  • • Become ambassadors for the Ballkids program
  • • Work together as a team
  • • Learn from other’s experiences, both on and off court
  • • Develop long lasting friendships with their peers and have fun along the way

Ballkid who wish to apply to join the Ballkid Leadership Program for the following year must meet the following application criteria:

  • • Must be between 14 and 15 years of age
  • • Must have participated in at least one Australian Open Tournament
Roles & Responsibilities
Set a positive example for the squad
  • • Always abide by the Ballkids Code of Behaviour
Assist the Ballkids Operations team as directed at training sessions
  • • Assist with registration and sign-in
  • • Assist with on court demonstrations
  • • Act as hitters when required
Be a supportive and friendly leader
  • • Be approachable & open minded
  • • Listen attentively to others
  • • Share personal experiences (including mistakes)
  • • Use ‘could’ instead of ‘should’ when providing feedback
Remember to have fun
  • • Everyone will have fun if you do
Roles & Responsibilities
Assist the Ballkid Operations team as directed
  • • Assist with 'start of day' proceedings as required and as directed by the Supervisors
  • • Ensure the Ballkids area is kept clean and tidy
  • • Assist with a warm up activity
Provide support and guidance for other Ballkids
  • • Be approachable & listen attentively to others
  • • Address any queries the Ballkids may haves
  • • Use your own experiences to provide guidance and support
  • • Ensure all Ballkids are asked to be involved
  • • Consult a supervisor if you notice a Ballkid needs further support
  • • Encourage all returning Ballkids to follow these examples
Welcome and support new and visiting Ballkids
  • • Always be friendly and welcoming
  • • Identify yourself with the new and visiting Ballkids
  • • Integrate the visiting Ballkids into the squad by introducing them to our culture and involving them in activities that may be taking place
  • • Encourage all returning Ballkids to follow these examples

As positive role models for the AO Ballkids Squad, Ballkids Leaders should strive to lead by example and ensure that they demonstrate a standard of behaviour that is reflective of the position they have been given within the squad. Ballkid Leaders should ensure that they display attitudes and behaviours that are consistent with the Ballkids Code of Behaviour and that these attitudes and behaviours are viewed as positive examples of Ballkid behaviour by the squad as a whole.

In the event that a Ballkid Leader is found to be behaving in a manner that is detrimental to the Ballkid Leadership Program, they may be removed from their position within the Leadership Program and will become a normal member of Ballkids Main Squad. Depending on the seriousness of the behaviour, you may lose your position within the squad.