It is a general expectation that any member of the Ballkid Squad (either Train-on Squad or Main Squad) adheres to the Ballkids Code of Behaviour whenever they are participating in a Ballkid related event.

The Ballkid Code of Behaviour is as follows:

  1. Be an ambassador for the Ballkids Program, the Australian Open and our commercial partners.
  2. Encourage and support fellow Ballkids to learn appropriate behaviours and skills.
  3. Support and congratulate those Ballkids who are granted additional responsibilities within the Ballkids program.
  4. All the members of the Ballkid community have a right to feel safe, be heard and have a sense of belonging.
  5. Be courteous and polite to all Ballkids, tournament staff and patrons of the Australian Open.
  6. Respect the decisions made by all members of the Ballkids program.
  7. Always behave appropriately and be willing to accept responsibility for your decisions and actions on and off court.
  8. Ensure your behaviour and attitude contributes to the creation of a positive and safe environment for all Ballkids.
  9. Always abide by the tournament rules as set by Tennis Australia and the Australian Open.
  10. Embrace the privilege and uphold the reputation of being a Ballkid and always strive to have fun.


In the event that a Ballkid displays behaviours that are at odds with any element of the Ballkids Code of Behaviour, Tennis Australia may choose to exclude the participant from the Ballkid Program for Australian Open 2018.