Updated Friday 24 March 2017


Level 1 Trials

Level 1 Trials are due to conclude on Sunday 26 March 2017. Well done to all those children who have participated in these trials this year/

Results for the Level 1 Trials will be announced, via EMAIL, on Friday 7 April, not before 5.00pm.

Ballkid Office - Operating Hours

Please note that from 5.00pm on Friday 7 April until Tuesday 18 April, the Ballkid Office will be closed due to the Easter Break.

All queries should be placed in writing and emailed to the Ballkid team at

Ballkid Code of Behaviour

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce all our Train-on Squad Ballkids (returning and new) to the Ballkids Code of Behaviour and remind them that by accepting their position on the Train-on Squad, they are making a commitment to abide by this code at all times, throughout all training sessions and at all tournaments. In the event that a Train-on Squad participant displays behaviours that are at odds with any element of the Ballkids Code of Behaviour, Tennis Australia may choose to exclude the participant from the Ballkid Program for Australian Open 2017.

To view the Ballkids Code of Behaviour in full, please click here.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

In previous years we have had a number of Ballkids use their volunteer position within the Ballkids program to complete the 'Service' or 'Physical Recreation' component of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. We are happy to assist these Ballkids with the completion of this award by validating the requirements of the award when asked.

In order for us to assist those Ballkids who have undertaken this award, could we please ask that you notify us (via email) of your intention to use your position as  Ballkid as a component of this award as this will assist us to track your progress and ultimately, finalise and sign off on this element of your award when required.